Potential Property Sale to Food Home

January 15, 2019

The TCC Board of Regents will vote Thursday to allow the College to enter into negotiations on the sale of college-owned land between the Northeast Campus and Highway 11.

Food Home, a non-profit led by Taylor Hanson, seeks to grow fruits and vegetables sustainably and make them available to members of the community. The project will include a community garden and food distribution center managed and operated by Food Home using funds raised through the non-profit. Hanson expressed a desire to locate the project in proximity to a community hub like TCC, and the College’s property fit those requirements.

The TCC land is not contiguous or immediately adjacent to the campus and is currently unused. If the Board approves the sale, the College will have the option to buy back the land should the non-profit opt to sell it in the future.

“The sale of this property would benefit all parties,” says Dr. Goodson.  “It maximizes the use of this land and contributes to a significant need of those in the community, including our students.  It would also give students and faculty more opportunities to engage in service-learning projects and improve the area surrounding the campus.”

If the Board votes to approve the negotiations, conversations between TCC and Food Home will continue with the hope that this opportunity will come to fruition.