Statement from TCC President Leigh B. Goodson regarding death of student Terence Crutcher

September 26, 2016

On Friday, Sept. 16, Tulsa Community College lost a member of our college community. In any situation, the passing of a student is difficult. The very public and graphic circumstances surrounding Terence Crutcher’s death make it especially important for us to acknowledge his loss to his family and our faculty, staff, students and community. We are saddened by his tragic death.

TCC employees have been asked to participate in an investigation conducted by the Tulsa Police Department. We are fully cooperating with that investigation. Terence was enrolled in a class starting Friday, Sept. 16 at the TCC Northeast Campus. On Thursday morning, the class was canceled due to low enrollment and we tried to notify all students by call and/or email about the cancelation.

It is important to me that I share what Terence Crutcher represented to our college community. He was a student who had openly expressed to our advisement staff and to others his desire to be successful in college. Like so many of the thousands of students at TCC, he brought to TCC his talents, hopes and dreams of creating a successful life by dedicating himself to completing a degree.