Student Success Center

October 23, 2017

TCC’s Southeast Campus will have a welcoming front door when the new Student Success Center opens in early 2019, said Steven Cox, facilities director.

“When you pull up to the Southeast Campus, it will be very obvious this is where a prospective student goes enroll,” Cox said.  “There will be a front door to the campus that everyone will naturally be drawn to.”

The construction timeline begins with demolition starting in December, and construction and remodeling of existing space by late winter/early spring 2018, Cox said.

Crossland Construction was awarded a contract in August to build the 40,000 square-foot Student Success Center.

TCC’s new building will incorporate what is now open space between Buildings 1 and 2 on the Southeast Campus, as well as a remodel Building 2.

“We are going to enclose all of the open space between buildings 1 and 2,” Cox said. “Then in Building 2, we will completely remodel and redesign that space so there is an improved flow and onboarding process for the students.”

The $5.3 million project was part of the $884.1 million Vision Tulsa package of economic development projects that Tulsa voters overwhelmingly endorsed in April 2016. Tulsa architectural firm GH2 designed the new building.

“We are very excited to open our new Career Services center which will feature interview rooms and a reception area for employers in addition to career advisor offices and a small conference room for career development workshops,” said Terri Alonso, dean of student affairs. “Our priority is to direct students to the right career path as early as possible and provide resources throughout their education to prepare them for the workforce or to transfer to a university.” 

While construction on the new facility is ongoing, temporary space is being carved out in Building 9, which currently houses the Student Union, fitness center and food court.

“With our campus store in the same building it will create a natural place for students during this interim construction phase" Cox said. “We are trying to make it as seamless as possible for our students during construction.”

Signage will direct students to the proper offices in the temporary space.

“The Answer Center will be the first area students will see when they enter the new front door,” said Keidron Dotson, TCC’s new director of enrollment services. “Answer Center Specialists will provide exemplary integrated service to students as they begin their education at TCC in the areas of admission, enrollment services, financial aid, bursar, advising, and other services to support student success.  Students will no longer need to stand in line in multiple services areas as they begin their TCC journey and this is an exciting new concept for the college.”

When completed, the new Student Success Center will offer more space, better flow and more technology for students when they come to enroll or meet academic advisers.

“This remodel will provide a significantly enhanced overall experience for students as they work towards completing their degree and improve their workforce development opportunities" Cox said.