TCC Collaborative Workspace Now Available

August 28, 2018

Throughout the last several months, employees of the TCC Library have been working diligently to create an online collaborative tool for use by various groups within the College. This new project came from requests received during the creation and production of the TCC Council and Committee SharePoint site.

This collaborative workspace, created in SharePoint, allows different workgroups and teams from across the College to utilize a virtual workspace in which departmental or group work can be done. This will allow workgroups to easily share, edit, organize and store documents.  Since the Collaborative Workspace is not tied to any one employee or email address, personnel changes don’t cause any problems. You can visit the TCC Collaborative Workspace in MyTCC at the following link:

You can now request a SharePoint site for your workgroup through a form in ProcessMaker by following these steps:

  • Log in to MyTCC
  • Click on ProcessMaker
  • Enter your login information
  • Click on New Case
  • Click on SharePoint Access
  • Fill out the form and submit

Additionally, the Library will be offering scheduled SharePoint trainings across the College. Faculty and staff can receive continuing education credits for attending these trainings. You can enroll in these classes by visiting SkillSoft and searching for "SharePoint" under Instructor-Led Training on the left-hand side of the SkillSoft landing page.

Please direct any questions or concerns to Andy Taylor at (ext. 7734) or Elizabeth Szkirpan (ext. 7177) at Thank you for your help and interest!