TCC Financial Aid Making a Difference

July 2, 2019

In April, TCC financial aid employees Stephen Ellison, Jennifer Brown and Karen Jeffers presented at the Oklahoma Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators.

Their session covered making homeless determinations for student, which is a requirement of colleges and universities that disperse Title IV federal student aid.

“When the Department of Education first rolled out this requirement, many schools struggled with the idea of making a homeless determination,” says Jeffers, TCC director of financial aid and scholarships. “Many schools didn’t, or still don’t, have a process in place to appropriately make those determinations.”

Jeffers says she and her colleagues presented to a packed room, with many having to stand.

“We had great questions and participant interaction,” she says.

Their presentation is posted on the OASFAA webpage for other institutions to use as a reference, and Jeffers says Ellison and Brown have already worked with three other Oklahoma schools to help build a process for making homeless determinations based off of TCC’s work in that area.

“Here we are helping students across the state gain access to federal student aid even though they may never walk through our door,” says Jeffers. “I am incredibly proud to be a part of the TCC Financial Aid team where we truly are making a difference in student’s lives.Kudos to Steve and Jennifer for providing guidance to fellow financial aid administrators at other Oklahoma Colleges and Universities. It is a wonderful feeling to know others look to TCC for best practices when administering federal student aid.”