TCC Graphic Design Major Behind 2022 TCC Holiday Card

December 7, 2022
At the age of 41, Jeremy Lanoy returned to college at TCC with the realization that he needed to do something different.

For many years, he tried to complete training for a career in healthcare, but concluded his heart wasn’t in it. So, he made a switch and started classes this Fall.

“I needed to do something that I liked, and something that used creativity. I started this semester as a Graphic Design major because art is something I have enjoyed,” said Lanoy.

Upon hearing his artwork was selected as the 2022 TCC Holiday Card in the Student Art Contest, he received confirmation he is doing the right thing. He submitted a drawing created with pastels and a mixture of colored pencils depicting a winter scene with a snowman and a cup of hot chocolate.

“I entered the student design competition because I wanted to prove to myself that I have the skills, as an older student, to keep up with my college peers. Doing art is something I have done for years on my own and this is tremendous validation to keep going,” said Lanoy.

Currently majoring in Graphic Design, his career goal is to work in advertising.

“I admit I was scared to return to college at my age, but it has been a wonderful first semester back and I would like to share with others that it is never too late to do something you love,” said Lanoy.

By being selected as the design of the 2022 TCC Holiday Card, his artwork will be used to create a digital card that is emailed to TCC students, faculty and staff. As the winner, Lanoy received $500 from the TCC Foundation, the sponsor of the annual art competition, and 50 printed cards. The TCC Foundation also awarded a second-place prize to Tram-An Ho, a TCC Biology major, who will receive a $250 check and 50 printed cards. Ho’s digital drawing of a cozy fire was inspired from YouTube videos combining holiday music with the Yule Log Fireplace.