TCC Updates Title IX Policy 

August 28, 2018

Tulsa Community College is rolling out its updated Title IX policy, which covers sex and gender harassment, discrimination and misconduct. TCC takes acts of dating violence, domestic violence, harassment, threats and bullying on the basis of sex, retaliation, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, and stalking seriously.

As a TCC employee, you are a mandatory reporter, which means you are required to report any incidents reported to you, or that you witness, to the College.

This policy, consistent with U.S. Department of Education Title IX guidance, provides details on the College’s response to such acts, resources, and remedies to individuals. Everyone in the College contributes to maintaining a safe and productive environment for all members of the TCC community to live, learn, and be successful by uniting as a community committed to ending sexual violence sexual harassment.

“I hope this policy will help all individuals involved in a Title IX complaint,” says Heather Hancock, TCC director of emergency operations and Title IX coordinator.

This policy details the process for filing a formal complaint with the Title IX Coordinator and TCC Campus Police. Employees and students should be aware that even if an individual chooses not to file a formal complaint, the College will provide resources and take interim measures to ensure the individual feels safe.

The College is obligated under Title IX to take immediate action to eliminate the harassment, prevent its recurrence, and address its effects, irrespective of formal legal processes.

Title IX reporting is also part of the Federal compliance piece that HCL reviewers examine before an accreditation visit.

The policy can be reviewed at or for additional questions, contact the Title IX Coordinator, Heather Hancock, at (918) 595-7842 or