Tulsa Community College Releases Plan for Fall 2020 Classes

May 6, 2020
Tulsa Community College will resume in-person classes for Fall 2020 across all four main campuses, two community campuses and Education Outreach Center. At the same time, TCC is creating a comprehensive course schedule that prioritizes the health and safety of students and employees in the learning environment.

“As TCC makes plans for the Fall semester, we are faced with a new reality,” said Dr. Leigh Goodson, TCC president and CEO. “In developing our schedule, we acknowledge that the new ‘norm’ looks different than past years. Offering small high-quality classes, TCC provides you one of the most affordable tuition rates in the state as well as flexibility.”

The Fall 2020 course schedule required TCC to alter 80 percent of its class sections to provide options in online, online live, blended and face-to-face classes. The plan allows for a combination of delivery methods to provide options to meet students how and where they want to take courses.

“We are committed to providing an excellent learning experience where the student can choose the preferred mode of instruction and have the opportunity for greater engagement with our talented faculty,” said Dr. Cindy Hess, senior vice president and chief academic officer. “Our faculty are squarely focused on teaching and learning in all modes and will have additional support resources and professional development for online delivery including faculty mentors.”

  • Online: Content is delivered through the internet with no scheduled class times.
  • Online Live: Online “web-conference style” courses meet at designated times and students are required to be present online, live at that time.
  • Blended: Part online, part scheduled face-to-face following physical space guidelines on campus.
  • Face-to-Face: Held at specific times following physical space guidelines on campus.

TCC is currently redesigning the Fall schedule to reflect these four options, and will finalize changes by Monday, May 18. Students who have already enrolled for Fall 2020, will need to check after May 18 to review their schedule and modes of course delivery.

TCC will prioritize courses with a lab component or programs that require specific equipment for teaching and learning such as Allied Health, Aviation, Nursing, Performing Arts, and Science for face-to-face scheduling. Plus, students will have limited access to learning spaces on campus for study, technology use, and testing.

The College is currently evaluating all rooms to determine the number of students allowed based on square footage and sanitizing protocols. In some cases, spaces not previously designated as a classroom such as large meeting rooms are being considered to allow for greater space. In addition, assigned spaces for face-to-face classes will not be used for back-to-back scheduling to allow sanitizing protocols.

“While we cannot predict what will happen, we are ready and have multiple plans to help our students succeed,” said Goodson. “Our mission of building success through education has not wavered and, in fact, our resolve has been strengthened by these challenges.”

Enrollment is now open for the Fall and Summer semesters. TCC Summer classes will remain online with increased computer lab support on campus for students who don’t have access to technology. Students may apply to TCC on the TCC’s website.