Windows 10 Arrives Soon

May 8, 2018

By July 31, your work computer will be updated from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

Nearly 700 TCC employees have already made the jump, and more are upgrading every day, and the Information Technology department is focusing on classrooms and labs before moving to offices.

“We will be in contact with everyone personally,” says David Hunt, information technology project manager. “It’s just like the physical hardware refresh three years ago. We’re going to do the same thing here, but without the physical replacement. We’ll be in everyone’s office.

Employees should not worry about losing any programs or data. The upgrade procedure copies all relevant information, installs the new operating system, then reinstalls all programs and data. Hunt says they’ve spent a lot of time testing to be ready for the mass deployment.

“It should be really painless,” he says. “We have tested the upgrade process a lot to verify that it works correctly and that it’s not going to break anything. The upgrade usually takes about 45 minutes, but that depends on the amount of data on the computer. If they have a large volume of data, it could take a couple of hours.”

Employees should not worry about the operating systems being too different.

“People really love Windows 7 because it works, it’s stable, and it’s easy to use,” says Hunt. “Windows 10 is Windows 7. What they’ve done is beautified it, and that’s it. Some things have been moved around, but it’s the same operating system.”

The IT department will post how-to videos so faculty and staff can ease into the new system.

“We have tutorials and videos to walk people through getting to know Windows 10. We are going to have a lot of information published on the portal,” says Hunt. “That will all be ready very soon.”

HLC expects institutions to have the technological infrastructure sufficient to support their operations (5.A.1) and to plan for technology advancements (5.C.5). Upgrading to Windows 10 is an example of how TCC’s technology meets HLC expectations.

Stay tuned to The Week for further information. If you have questions, you can contact Hunt at