Blackboard Status: Crack Team on Case


Since the beginning of the semester, Tulsa Community College faculty and students have faced problems with Blackboard, TCC’s online learning system. Blackboard has displayed diminished performance, intermittent downtime, slow response, and in one case, saw student work, grades and even enrollments disappear from online courses. What’s wrong, and when will it be fixed?

As a recurring topic in Open Lines conversations last week, Vice President for Administration Sean Weins addressed the situation with status updates. Blackboard has been active in working to resolve the problems, providing troubleshooting support by the engineers who wrote the code and 24-hour support to the College.

But you may have noticed that things haven’t been getting better. Some users haven’t reported any problems, but some have reported intermittent problems, and others have logged constant woes. So Blackboard is taking more steps.

On Friday afternoon, Blackboard engineers installed a new monitoring system to log data over the weekend. That data will be collected through Monday, Weins said.

“After that it’s either about a light bulb going off from the data collected this weekend, or someone from Blackboard is flying in to Tulsa to solve the problem,” Weins said. “We’re going to know more on Tuesday.”

Weins said Blackboard has not found any issue with the hardware in place, and the problems have rolled across the duplicate servers the College deploys to manage the system. He also says he has appreciated both the patience of users and the efforts of workers both inside and outside the College to try to get the system properly operational.

“We’re trying to be very responsive to the issues,” he said. “Updates help, but what we really want to share is ‘it’s fixed’.”