Reaching All Students: School of Liberal Arts and Communication Academic Profile


The largest School created in this year’s Academic Affairs reorganization combined programs and faculty across campuses in the School of Liberal Arts and Communication. The School of Liberal Arts and Communication has 89 full-time faculty and many more adjunct professors.

With programs and courses at all of TCC’s campuses, the School of Liberal Arts and Communication is headed up by Dean Tracy Skopek and includes programs in:

  • Communication & Journalism
  • English
  • Foreign Languages
  • History & Political Science
  • Humanities & Geography
  • Social Sciences

“In some respects Liberal Arts and Communication were already combined,” Skopek said. “Because the School is heavy on general-education departments, housing them all in one school makes a lot of sense. It is a good marriage in terms of programs, but it makes for a large School.”

To help oversee such a broad discipline, Jocelyn Whitney serves as Associate Dean for the School. Skopek said even beyond Whitney’s assistance, the Faculty Department Chair positions created in the reorganization have made it easier to keep in contact with faculty.

“The Faculty Chairs make a big difference for us. It’s helped build unity across campuses within the School,” she said. “Already we’re working on consistent scheduling for the Spring semester to make sure our offerings best meet the needs of both students and faculty. I’m so proud of our Faculty Chairs. They’re doing a great job.”

Students from programs across the College are enrolled in Liberal Arts and Communication courses, and Skopek said she recognizes that the School is on the education pathway for almost all TCC’s students.

“We include a lot of the transfer programs,” Skopek said,” but our classes are a part of every program that transfers. We have to deliver students on that path to graduation or a four-year school.”

The School of Liberal Arts and Communication has offices on all four of the College’s main campuses. Skopek’s office is located at Metro Campus and Whitney’s office can be found at Southeast Campus.