TCC Transitions Glenpool to Concurrent-Only Courses


Tulsa Community College is making adjustments at the Glenpool Community Campus to partner with Glenpool High School as the anchor of a concurrent enrollment center for high school students from Glenpool and surrounding districts.

The college has renewed its lease agreement with the City of Glenpool to continue operating the facility. General education courses such as College Algebra, English Composition, and History will be offered Monday through Thursday in the morning hours for high school students from Glenpool and surrounding high schools such as Bixby, Kiefer, Liberty, Mounds, Sapulpa as well as home education families.

“We believe the arrangement for fall 2016 is a good partnership with Glenpool and surrounding districts while helping TCC cope with the significant reductions in state funding for the budget that began July 1,” said TCC President and CEO Leigh B. Goodson, Ph.D. “With a 16 percent reduction in state funding for FY17, we have had to make some tough decisions.”

The facility will be closed in the afternoons and evenings, and no courses will be offered to the public at the Glenpool Community Campus this fall. Courses formerly offered to the public at Glenpool will be available at other campuses and online. The limited hours will allow TCC to reassign full time staff to other areas of the College and result in lower utility costs.

“We wanted to make sure we continue to make concurrent education accessible to that part of the county,” said Senior Advisor to the President and Board Liaison Bill Ivy, Ph.D. “We’re doing what we can to preserve our offerings to those students within the budget situation.”