Bethany Niman

Bethany Niman

Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA

Major: Business, Deaf Services

Expected Date of Graduation: 2020

What do we need to know about TRIO?

TRIO did so much for us. The staff stayed in constant contact with me. We talked about my barriers, and they never let me fall through the cracks. Their assistance was vital to getting me to January when I started my classes. We get so many benefits through TRIO, and because we get so much from that program for free, being the president is my way of giving back to the program.

Why did you want to be a True Blue Leader?

That goes hand in hand with leadership. Because of my crazy past, learning leadership skills was a door I really needed to walk through. It’s an intimidating process, but the program has opened doors I never could’ve opened myself.

What did you learn during your attendance of the George Nigh Leadership Academy?

That you can do it from here, here being Oklahoma. It’s about not having to move to a bigger city. It’s about seeing how people from here are making a difference around the country and the world. It’s about not losing the talent we’re raising here in Oklahoma to bigger places. Every person we met had a connection to Oklahoma.

Why did you choose TCC?

TCC was the only choice for me when I started considering going back to college. I didn’t have SAT scores and no one in my family was a college graduate. Starting at TCC, I knew I would get the foundations I needed to complete college, one step at a time.

What are your plans after TCC?

I want to transfer to Langston and pursue a BA and MS in Deaf Services, while running a body shop for low income families that employs all deaf and hard of hearing individuals.