Camille Hager

Camille Hager

TCC student Camille Hager loves language.

“Language shapes how you think, which determines how you act,” she says. “It’s a big part of culture. Understanding how language works is really interesting to me.”

In sixth grade, Camille had to choose between Spanish and Chinese. She chose the latter. “I thought the characters looked cool, and I’ve kept up with it ever since.”

Studying the language took her to China on a school trip while she attended Jenks High School, and the experience left her with a love of travel and learning.

At TCC, she’s begun learning Japanese, and has even become the Japanese club president.

“I started taking Japanese this semester, and there’s a trip to Japan next spring I want to go on,” says Camille. Part of the trip involves staying with a host family.

“Staying with a host family is always really fun. You learn and see more about the culture,” she says. She’s also looking forward to exploring the country and enjoying the experience.

“I like going on adventures, and just being able to explore and relax and learn.”

Camille’s pursing her love of language through the lens of an Associate in Business degree.

“When I transfer to the University of Tulsa, it’s going to be international business,” she says.  “I want to study language, but I settled on international business because it will let me do the language while facilitating the business pursuit. I really enjoy travel, so ideally, my career will involve traveling and other languages.”

Camille’s plan to get to TU from TCC involves a transfer scholarship through the TCC Honors Program.

“At first, I was going to skip the program because it sounded like a lot of extra work,” she says. “But I heard about the transfer scholarship. I discussed it with some of the Honors program administrators and one of my professors, and it sounded like a good strategic plan.”

Until she completes her degree, she’s enjoying her time at TCC.

“I like the school environment,” she says. “It’s a good stepping stone to doing other things. You can make great connections.”