Cat Rockholt: TCC Business Administration Graduate and OSU-Tulsa Transfer Student

Cat Rockholt Business Administration, A.S.

When her dream of being on stage didn’t prosper after high school, Cat Rockholt went into banking. However, without a degree, she hit several career road blocks. After deep reflection, she realized what she liked best about her job was coaching, training, and performance management, all areas in Human Resources.

“In order to make this switch I needed to quit making excuses and get a college degree,” said Rockholt. “Tulsa Community College was the best option for me with its wide selection of class types and times and it was very cost efficient.”

So, at 34, she enrolled at TCC. “The message I heard repeatedly was to complete my associate degree and move on to the four-year university,” said Rockholt. “This was communicated to me consistently by my advisors on both the academic side as well as those involved with student organizations, and it reinforced my commitment to earn my degree.”

She understands how hard the academic advisors work and the effort to create a seamless transfer process for students. She recommends clarifying your goals and major as early in the process as possible “so you can sit down with your advisors and map out a plan together.”

Graduating from TCC in 2013 with an associate degree in Business Administration, Rockholt transferred to OSU-Tulsa where she graduated in 2015.

Today, she works in Human Resources at TCC and encourages students to take advantage of the scholarship opportunities, leadership programs, and student organizations. “TCC changed my life and it can change yours too. All you have to do is decide today to commit fully to investing in yourself and you can make it happen. Remember, you DO belong here!”