Christie Carr

Non-Traditional Student Digital Media, A.A.S.

Christie Carr had unfinished business after a 20-year career in law enforcement. The Broken Arrow resident had a passion for art that she wanted to apply in a new career.

“I decided to come to school and get the degree I had regretted not getting after high school,” she said. “So I went back to college at 42-years-old.”

As a non-traditional student, Christie chose TCC for its convenient locations and because she valued a quality education over a traditional 4-year college experience. She’s studying Digital Media, which allows her to combine her art and craft interests with her computer skills.

“I don’t think there’s any college, no matter the cost, that can compete with what I’ve learned at TCC,” Christie said. “I’ve found new interests, like photography, that I never would have expected, and I’ve had opportunities inside and outside the classroom that I don’t think I would have gotten somewhere else.”

One of those opportunities came when a photograph Christie took for one of her classes was featured in the 2016 TCC Holiday Card, earning her a $500 scholarship from the TCC Foundation.

Christie plans to graduate from TCC in May 2017, and will be seeking a job in video editing and production or in animation.