Colton Trowbridge

University Transfer Student Communication

Colton Trowbridge has a plan for his education, and it begins and ends at the library.

“I thought at first I was going to be a nurse,” he said, “But I decided it wasn’t for me. I really want to follow my dream of being a librarian.”

The Sapulpa High School graduate plans to complete an associate degree from TCC and transfer to Northeastern State University, before earning a Master’s degree from the University of Oklahoma in Library Sciences.

“West Campus is my favorite TCC library, because I know the librarians here so well,” he said. “Everyone has this idea of librarians being these uptight old ladies, but all the librarians here are really young, really cool. Super hip if you want to call them that.”

Colton also has some advice for incoming students to maximize their TCC experience.

“Try to schedule your classes a little bit apart so you can talk to other students in between,” he said. “My first semester I had classes where I’d go from one straight to the next and then I’d be gone. That really doesn’t give you time to socialize with the people here. My second year I was able to join campus groups and meet so many amazing people, so I think you should give yourself time to get involved on campus.”