Danny Aery

Nursing Nursing, LPN/Paramedic to RN Track

Danny Aery won’t let anyone think they’re too old for school or past the point of charting a new career path. That’s because the 52-year-old has just completed his third degree from TCC.

Danny first came to TCC in the early 1990s, graduating with a degree in Liberal Arts and proceeding to the University of Oklahoma. But life intervened, and he later followed up with a second associate degree from TCC in Aviation Maintenance and a 16-year career at American Airlines in Tulsa. But he always knew there was another degree in his future.

“When I was in high school, science was a strong suit for me,” Danny said. “Science and medicine and anatomy have always been an interest in my life.”

Danny became certified as a paramedic after taking an early retirement from American Airlines and began working at St. John Medical Center as a paramedic.

“I knew that I didn’t want to work on airplanes the rest of my life, and I can pursue a new career,” he said. “Ever since, when someone’s injured, I’ve always been the first one on hand to render aid.”

And with that certification in hand, he got the commitment and support of his wife and family to pursue an Associate in Applied Science degree in Nursing from TCC on the Career Mobility (LPN/Paramedic to RN) track.

“I made that choice to be an example for my kids,” he said. “That was my pursuit of what to do for a bachelor’s degree.”

And that’s why after passing his National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses through the Oklahoma State Board of Nursing in June, he’ll be proceeding to the University of Oklahoma to complete a bachelor’s degree in Nursing. He says it’s also a reflection of the commitment and support he got from the instructors at TCC.

“All in all, the program was a great experience,” Danny said. “My professors were always available, and ready to help. Everything about the program was great."