Debra Dunklin

University Transfer: College Park Student Business Administration, A.S.

With a goal of advancing her career, Debra Dunklin, a mother of four, enrolled at TCC to pursue a Business Administration/Human Resources Management degree.

“Evening classes are the only way I can attend college,” says Debra who works full-time in Human Resources and is part of College Park, a collaboration between TCC and OSU-Tulsa. Students in College Park move through the TCC coursework as a cohort, or small group of students, taking a predetermined schedule of courses all on the OSU-Tulsa campus.

“Our cohort has become a tight knit group,” Debra adds.

Although she did not consider herself “college ready,” she says, “I am already changing. My perspective has deepened. I see the need for empathy, diplomacy, and diversity in the workplace just after the few classes I have taken.”

Besides the evening classes, Debra adds, “the low-cost tuition and support system allow me to finish what I started years ago.”

To others considering attending TCC, she says, “Do it. It’s an investment in life that you won’t regret.”