Diana Easter

Diana Easter's Story Theatre, A.A.

Diana Easter is graduating with two degrees after being encouraged to start college by a neighbor who was attending TCC.

Five years later, after working full-time and changing majors, she’s graduating Honors with an Associate in Arts, Liberal Arts and Associate in Arts, Theatre with a focus in Musical Performance.

Originally, Diana was a Business Administration major but a poster advertising auditions for “Aida,” a TCC Theatre production changed her path.

“I got a role in the show and it reminded me of my love of theatre and of performing. When I was a kid, I wanted to be in movies and on the stage,” said Easter.

As a professional ballroom dancer, she had already gone down the performance career. Now she wanted a degree that would further her profession as she studied what made a good performer.

Realizing how tough being a music major was for her after two B’s and not understanding, she pivoted to Theatre and along the way she learned to not worry so much.

“I wanted to further what I had already dedicated my life to as far as performing and dancing. TCC made it so easy to accomplish those goals. As to my next step, I want to explore other areas and opportunities,” said Easter.

Already in 30s, she spent her 20s working hard and raising her children. She has a piece of advice for other non-traditional students who might be parents – be active, get involved with student life or activities.

“The most important thing for me was the opportunities. I wouldn’t have thought about doing some of the activities or experiences, but they built a sense of pride within me. I did things such as International Day of Peace, Slam Poetry, and submitted a drama play to the Tulsa Review. The scarier, the better is my recommendation,” said Easter.

And with everything TCC offered, she not only got a college degree but had a great time and was able to introduce her children to the arts through TCC Theatre and Music performances and Signature Symphony at TCC concerts.