Juan Gandara

University Transfer Student Engineering, A.S. - Mechanical Engineering

As the first in his family to attend college, Juan Gandara, is on track to graduate with an associate degree in Mechanical Engineering in May 2023 from TCC.

“I've been involved with STEM since I was kid,” says Juan. “I plan to use my degree to obtain a job working with aircraft organizations here in Tulsa or with a local firm on projects that require research, design, and development.”

His TCC degree, he adds, “is the first step before getting a professional engineering license to do projects for the public such as highways and such.”

Juan credits the TCC Education Outreach Center for the support provided to him. “It is a huge asset for me. They've helped me find a job as a Federal Work Study, which has exposed me to TCC's outreach in the community.”

To those wondering about TCC, he says, “I went through a huge struggle when I was selecting which college to attend and considered the cost of each program. In the end, I knew starting my college journey at a four-year institution was going to cost more for the same degree I could get at TCC for a more reasonable price.”