Keondra Doyle Hampton

Tulsa Achieves

Keondra Doyle Hampton has a lot to say about Tulsa Achieves.

The pioneering program, which started in 2007, has become a nationally recognized model being replicated at other colleges across the country.

Representing more than 17,000 students who attended TCC as Tulsa Achieves students, Hampton introduced TCC President and CEO Leigh B. Goodson at the 2017 Vision Dinner, an awards ceremony recognizing outstanding leadership at TCC.

The evening celebrated a decade of Tulsa Achieves which has provided college access to every high school graduate living in Tulsa County.

"As a first-generation college graduate, this program served as a financial blessing," Hampton said that night.

Keondra turned down a partial scholarship at another institution to attend TCC in 2007, the first year of Tulsa Achieves. She describes herself as an average student coming out of high school.

“I was conflicted about college and questioned if it was a good fit for me. TCC and Tulsa Achieves gave me hope and the tools I needed to succeed in college,” she said.

Keondra earned her associate degree without going into debt and went on to earn a bachelor’s and master’s degree. Now, she’s applied for a doctorate program.

She credits Tulsa Achieves with providing her the opportunity to develop academically and develop socially by engaging in her community through the required service hours for Tulsa Achieves students.

Anytime she’s asked to share her experience, she jumps at the opportunity. It is one way she can express her gratitude for how Tulsa Achieves shaped her life.

“My own journey through Tulsa Achieves built the foundation for my professional career. Ten years later, I stand with TCC and continue to encourage those seeking college to consider Tulsa Achieves. For, it has been a tremendous benefit for me,” Hampton said.