Matthew Youngblood, M.S.C.E.

Matthew Youngblood, M.S.C.E. Story

50th Anniversary Notable Alumni Feature Matthew Youngblood, M.S.C.E.: While in high school, Matthew didn’t appreciate the value of education and the importance of developing a positive lifestyle. However, after surviving a serious car accident that shattered multiple bones in his face and caused him to lose half of his teeth, he began contemplating his life during his recovery. “In those moments of reflection, I decided I was going to do something with my life, and it was going to have value,” he said.

He decided to enroll at Tulsa Community College and pursue Structural Engineering because of its value to the community. “My TCC Pre-Calculus class was the hardest class I have ever taken, but I passed,” he said. “This gave me confidence knowing that if I put my head into something, anything is possible. Without TCC giving me an opportunity to transition from high school, I never would have earned the position I have today.”

After studying Engineering at TCC from 2001 to 2002, Matthew received his bachelor's and master's degrees. His first job following graduate school was in Indiana, working as a Design Engineer for one of the top construction engineering companies in the country. However, with a desire to return to his roots, Matthew returned to Tulsa and joined Garver, a multi-disciplined engineering, planning, architectural, and environmental services firm with more than 700 employees and offices in 12 states, where he would become Project Manager and ultimately Owner. He is currently a licensed professional Engineer in nine states and holds a structural engineering license in Illinois.

Heavily involved with several local nonprofit organizations, such as A New Leaf and Gold4Kids Cancer Foundation of Tulsa, Matthew serves on the local committee of GarverGives, the company’s corporate-giving arm. He also dedicates his personal time to volunteering for these groups. In addition, he volunteers at several STEM classes, including Bricks-for-Kidz, an after-school builder’s program.