Nashoba Pannell

Engineering Student Engineering, A.S. - Mechanical Engineering

Nashoba Pannell got more than he bargained for when he chose TCC. The Charles Page High School graduate likes TCC because it offers a similar feel to high school, but found he’s exposed to more perspectives than he anticipated.

“The most surprising thing about TCC is the diversity,” he said. “There are more international students than I expected to encounter at a community college. I thought international students really only went to universities.”

Having experiences with those students could be valuable for Nashoba. He plans to leverage the Engineering degree he’s pursuing at TCC to forge a career with an international energy company and hopes to work abroad.

“Socially, it’s pretty cool to have international students at TCC, to get to know people who do things differently because they’re from somewhere else,” he said. “I’ve always wanted to travel and work abroad, maybe to Europe or South America.”