Paul Chanda

University Transfer: Web Development Student University Transfer: Web Development

Although he didn’t consider himself “college ready” when he decided he needed a bachelor's degree, Paul Chanda checked out TCC and was interested in the computer classes offered.

“I have always had an interest in computers and programming languages. TCC offered the classes I was most interested in,” says Paul, who graduated in December 2022. “A degree will change my life by making it easier to apply for jobs that have the minimum requirement of having an associate degree.”

After graduation, Paul plans to work as an intern at a tech firm that hires entry-level developers.

“TCC helped me overcome many challenges, especially financial ones, such as not having enough money to buy textbooks for the semester,” adds Paul, who works part-time as a Federal Work-Study on campus as part of this financial aid package. “All of my TCC coworkers have been amazing. Also, all my professors have been very cooperative throughout all the semesters.”

When asked what he would tell others considering TCC, he says, “The flexibility and environment are probably my favorite parts. TCC is a great option for anyone of any age and any background.”