New Student Orientation - Test Scores

You need test scores before starting new student orientation.

  • Submit ACT or SAT scores if you have taken them. Homeschool students are required to take the ACT, SAT, or TCC Course Placement Test.
  • Depending on your ACT or SAT scores you may be required to take our Course Placement Test. If you do not have ACT or SAT scores, take our Course Placement Test. This placement test is free and not timed.
  • Your high school GPA can also be used to determine placement into courses. We suggest submitting your most recent transcript.

How to submit your transcript

You can submit your high school transcript or GED by contacting the institution you attended and requesting they send it to We can also accept them via XAP, Parchment, or postal mail. Note: Transcripts that are emailed must come directly from the institution. We are not able to accept emailed transcripts from the student/family.

How to submit ACT or SAT scores (if you have taken them)

If you have taken the ACT or SAT and not submitted your ACT or SAT scores to TCC, we suggest taking a picture of your scores and sending them to You can submit pictures by taking a screenshot from the official ACT/SAT website OR taking a picture of your official score report ACT/SAT sent via mail. Note: make sure your name, test date, and all scores are visible in the photo.


Have questions? Not sure if we have your scores? Email the New Student Orientation Coordinator at Make sure to include your TCC ID number.