My Dream / Mi Sueño Scholarship

My Dream Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements

  • Student must be a graduating HS senior in Tulsa or Rogers County
  • Must have a minimum HS cumulative GPA of 2.0
  • Must enroll in TCC as a degree-seeking student
  • Student must not receive any state or federal financial aid
  • Award recipients will be required to attend an orientation at the Tulsa Community College Education Outreach Center for an introduction to Tulsa Community College advising services during the first semester of enrollment
  • Student must complete the online application for both Tulsa Community College admissions and the My Dream scholarship

Maintaining Eligibility

  • Renewable with 2.0 semester GPA
  • Student must complete a minimum of 9 hours per semester with a passing grade
  • Students must provide an official transcript of grades and a schedule of upcoming classes for each semester
  • In the event a student's semester GPA falls below 2.0, or student does not pass 9 credit hours he or she will be on probation and will be required to submit an essay detailing lessons learned and plans for improving GPA going forward

Additional Information

  • Award annually for up to 3 years or 63 credit hours (whichever comes first)
  • Scholarship award is for up to $2,400 per semester for fall/spring for a maximum of 6 consecutive semesters
  • Summer award will be determined by academic performance during the previous spring semester

How to apply

  • Students can apply by going to
  • Deadline to submit an application will be mid-May.

For more information contact the Outreach Center Staff (918) 595-2020

* Scholarship is privately funded; requirements, deadlines and funding are at the discretion of the donor and subject to change.