Removing the Financial Barriers


“I worked two jobs while I was going to TCC. I still couldn’t cover all the costs of tuition, books and transportation. Because someone I never met created a scholarship, I got my degree and the chance at a better life.”
Joshua Porter
Business Administration Major

Removing the Financial Barriers

The first element of our plan to remove barriers to completion is to address the financial challenges our students face.

We know from experience that money matters. In particular, we know that students’ completion rates jump substantially when they can afford to attend TCC full-time. We also know that part-time students cite financial pressures as the principal reason they don’t finish their programs of study.

So, we begin by keeping our tuition levels among the lowest in the state. For the vast majority of our students, that’s not enough.

Next, we help nearly 90 percent of our students secure financial aid from existing sources. That’s not enough because those sources are insufficient to fully close the gap between cost and ability to pay.

Then we work with public and private partners to create innovative programs like Tulsa Achieves, which covers tuition and fees for Tulsa County high school students who enroll at TCC in the fall after their senior year, but that’s not enough because only 19 percent of TCC students qualify for Tulsa Achieves.

Quite simply, if we are going to remove the financial barriers for our students, we need to do more. A short-term fix is not good enough.

As part of the Campaign for Completion, our goal is to secure $5 million in endowed student scholarship funds. By carefully managing those funds, we will provide our students with additional financial support… each and every year in perpetuity.


Among first-time, full-time TCC students, 86%
receive some financial aid. Still the actual need for
our students exceeds the available funds.


Help remove the financial barriers by creating new endowed scholarship funds.


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