Removing the Physical Barriers


“When I find the right office at TCC, the people are always very helpful.
I often don’t know where to go or have time to get from class to another building before I need to leave for work.”

Pete Peterson
TCC Accounting Major

Physical Barriers

Navigating the pathway to completion is not just a matter of finding the right courses, it’s often a matter of finding the right offices.

Our students are eager to succeed, but they need help traversing the maze of administrative processes, including admissions, financial aid, tuition payment, career counseling, academic advising, placement testing, academic preparedness programs, transfer policies and licensure requirements.

We have dedicated staff who are eager to help, but most of our students don’t know which staff to consult, where to find them, or how to arrange a meeting with them. To make matters worse, many of our students have little free time and are reliant on public transportation, so just getting to a meeting can be a challenge. It’s little wonder, then, that many students simply don’t get the services they need.

Therefore, the third element of our Campaign for Completion is to create Student Success Centers on each of our campuses. These “one- stop shops” will be staffed by answer center advisors who are cross-trained to assist students with all of the college’s processes and services.

The Success Centers will also consolidate many of the student service offices, such as academic and career counseling, into a single location. The Centers will also house a student orientation laboratory with computer stations where students can access software that helps them design their academic plan and chart their academic future.

To help create and equip Success Centers on all four of our campuses, we have included $5 million in the overall goal of the
Campaign for Completion.


TCC has 35% first-generation students, and 68 percent of the first-time-to-college students are required to take at least one developmental course to prepare them for full participation in for-credit classes.


Help remove the physical barriers by creating
Student Success Centers on all four TCC campuses.


Removing Navigational Barriers

Learning Labs for Student Success


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