Frequently asked questions

SEC Communications questions & answers:


Where is the division office?

We are located at the Southeast Campus in Building 1, room number 1202. This is on the top floor of the building to the right of the flag pole (when you drive onto campus) from 81st Street. Our office phone is 918.595.7694.

What are your hours?

We are open from 8:00a to 5:00p Monday through Friday, unless the college is closed for holidays, Spring Break, etc. We will post a sign on the door in the event that we have to close the office for any foreseen circumstance.

How do I contact my professor?

We recommend checking your syllabus for the best way to contact your professor. It will contain the professor’s email address, office phone, room number and office hours. We recommend you give your professor at least 24 to 48 hours to respond. If you have not heard anything after 48 hours, please feel free to contact us. We'll then leave your professor a message in their division mailbox.

What do I do if I have a problem with my professor?

The series of steps you should take to resolve your concerns is as follows:

1. Please read the Tulsa Community College Student Code of Conduct Policy Handbook for Student Complaints - Procedure For Filing.

2. Schedule a meeting with your course instructor. Before any action can be taken concerning a grade related issue, an attempt to resolve the issue with the instructor must be made. For non-grade related issues or grade related issues with additional factors, it is strongly recommended that the student attempt to resolve the issue with the instructor, but depending on the nature of the concern, the student may begin this procedure with the Division Office. The interchange may be during the instructor’s office hours or at another time such as before or after class. This meeting will give you the opportunity to discuss your concerns directly with the instructor – the person who can assist you in improving your performance, modify a grade in a grade dispute or directly impact classroom instructional challenges. (Having a record of the dates and times of the meeting or meetings will be helpful in a resolution.)

3. Grade-related concerns can only be filed on FINAL COURSE GRADES. Student Code of Conduct policy does not permit appeals of grades for individual tests, quizzes, reports, papers or other assignments routinely given during the progress of a course.

4. If grade or performance disputes, or classroom instructional challenges are not resolved during your meetings with your instructor, obtain a Student Concern Form from the Communications Division Office (1202). Complete the Student Concern Form and return it to the Division Office. All concerns must be in writing.

5. Within ten (10) days, the Associate Dean’s office will contact the student and inform them of actions taken. Because the instructor is an essential part of the instructional team, the instructor may be included to help resolve your concerns if the Associate Dean deems it necessary. Every attempt will be made to ensure a fair resolution for all parties.

[forms: Student Concern Form]


What do I do if I have a problem with my final grade for the semester?

The division office will not look at individual assignment grades. If a student has a complaint about how they were graded, they need to file a final grade appeal and submit documentation that indicates that the professor did not follow syllabus, assignment instructions, or grading rubric, and that addressing this would affect their final course grade.

Grade Appeals Procedures:

Students should note that grades are the prerogative of the faculty, and that appeals or questions concerning assigned grades should be directed to the faculty member who assigned the grade. An appeal for an assigned final course grade may be initiated by a student only on the contention that the grade is clearly erroneous or was assigned in an arbitrary or capricious manner. The appeal must be initiated by the end of the fourth week of the semester immediately following the semester in which the final course grade was officially recorded to the student’s transcript. The appropriate Associate Dean, or designate, must authorize any change to this record. Once the grade change has been processed, students may request an official transcript reflecting the change.

Academic Appeals Committee

The Academic Appeals Committee will be composed of three members of the college community from each campus and one student from each campus for a total of sixteen (16) members. The composition of each campus’s representatives will be as follows:

Director of Student Development, or his/her designate, one faculty representative chosen by the faculty, and one member appointed by the Provost. The Student Government Association will recommend one student member from each campus for approval and appointment by the Dean of Student Services from each campus.

With the approval of the President, additional members may be appointed to the Academic Appeals Committee if circumstances warrant an increase in the number of committee members, such as a large case load or unavailability of members by the fourth week of classes during the fall semester.

Procedures for a Final Course Grade Appeal

1. The student requests a meeting with the faculty member to discuss the grade in question. The problem may be resolved at this meeting.

2. If the question concerning the grade has not been resolved, the student files a written Academic Appeal form with the Associate Dean for the division in which the course is offered, outlining the specific rationale for a final course grade appeal and subsequently meets with the Associate Dean. After receiving a signed Academic Appeal Form, the Associate Dean will contact the student within ten (10) business days and will involve the faculty member in a conference with the student to resolve the issue.

3. If the question concerning the grade has not been resolved by meeting with the Associate Dean, the student may file an appeal to the Academic Appeals Committee by completing a second Academic Appeal Form and submitting it to the Academic and Campus Services Office no later than the end of the fourth week of classes during the subsequent semester after the grade has been officially recorded to the student’s transcript.

4. Upon the receipt of a completed Academic Appeal Form, the Committee Chair shall promptly appoint a panel from the standing members of the Academic Appeals Committee to preside over a hearing, usually within fifteen (15) business days. The panel will consist of four (4) members, at least one of which will be a faculty member, and one (1) student. The Committee Chair will be responsible for all correspondence with a student who has submitted a request for a final course grade appeal. Hearings shall be conducted in a manner consistent with established procedures. The Committee’s decision shall be final.

[forms: Grade Appeal Form]