First Year Experience Seminar

What is First Year Experience Seminar?

First Year Experience Seminar, COLL 1002, is TCC’s student success course. It is a required course for all students who receive the Tulsa Achieves Scholarship and all students who place into any zero-level reading, writing, or math course. We want you to be successful at TCC and beyond! Nine years’ worth of TCC data show that students who take First Year Experience Seminar (formerly Academic Strategies) are more likely to succeed in their college courses, stay in school, and graduate.

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What will you study in First Year Experience Seminar?

What does it take to be a savvy college student? How do you know you are doing college "right"? The First Year Experience Seminar is designed to support you as you reach for your future. You will explore evidence-based strategies that will help you succeed in your TCC courses and achieve your personal goals. You will develop your time management and study skills as you learn to use TCC’s technology to complete coursework. You will explore educational and career goals and create plans to achieve them. Your opportunity to work with a community partner will help you reflect on the needs of your community, the value of volunteer work, and your desire to be a part of it.

What do former students say about First Year Experience Seminar?

Read letters of advice to you from former First Year Experience Seminar students

What is service-learning like in First Year Experience Seminar?

Check out the video below created by a former student about her experience with service-learning in First Year Experience Seminar.

For more information on Service-Learning for Students visit the Service-Learning for Students page

For more information contact:

Lori Coggins
Assistant Professor/First Year Experience Seminar Coordinator
Engaged Learning Division
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DeAnna Cooper
Assistant Professor, First Year Experience Seminar
Engaged Learning Division
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Mary Steinsiek
Administrative Assistant (PT), First Year Experience Seminar Program
Engaged Learning Division
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