Honors Staff

The Honors Office (Metro Campus MC 523C) is open Monday through Friday, except when we are away for Honors events and presentations, and our Honors Program coordinator is on Southeast Campus (SE 1230) on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The Honors staff would be delighted to help you explore Honors course offerings and learn more about the Honors Scholar program.

You are welcome to drop by either office without an appointment, but we strongly recommend you call first to be sure we are not closed for an event in another location. You can make an appointment to visit either of us by calling (918) 595-7378 or emailing us at honors@tulsacc.edu or our personal addresses below.

Tulsa Community College Honors Coordinator:
Allen Culpepper, Ph.D. at allen.culpepper@tulsacc.edu

Honors Specialist:
Lynn Richmond at lynn.richmond@tulsacc.edu