Aviation Programs

Aviation Sciences

Housed in the TCC Riverside Community Campus and Aviation Center, TCC’s Aviation Sciences academic programs offer students hands-on experience with a fleet of technically advanced aircraft, a $1.4 million air traffic control simulator, and a simulation lab that includes a full-motion flight training simulator. Aviation programs offered include: Professional Pilot, Air Traffic Control, Aviation Management, and Aviation Logistics. The learning facility also offers TCC general education classes, and classes for high school students concurrently enrolled in college classes.

Aviation Programs offered by TCC

Aviation Student

Professional Pilot Degree AAS

TCC’s Professional Pilot program will help your aviation career take flight. Employment opportunities for professional pilots may be found with regional and major airlines, charter operations, cargo operations, agricultural flying flight schools, corporate flight departments, or with a government agency.

Aviation Sciences Technology

Aviation Sciences Technology - Management, AAS

If your career goal includes a role in airline operations, airline management or airport management, TCC designed its aviation management program just for you. Our curriculum focuses on the skills you will need in aviation management, including the human side of management, computer knowledge, critical thinking, cognitive and analytical skills, and communication skills. When you complete our program, you will earn an Associate in Applied Science degree.

Air Traffic Controller Program at TCC

Aviation Sciences Technology - Air Traffic Control, AAS

If you aspire to a career as an Air Traffic Controller, directing aircraft safely into and out of the nation’s airports, the FAA approved Air Traffic-Collegiate Training Initiative program at TCC is a great place to start.

Aircraft Dispatch Certificate program

Aviation Sciences Technology - Aircraft Dispatch, Certificate

The Aircraft Dispatch Certificate program is designed for students who desire to become a licensed FAA Aircraft Dispatcher. The program prepares students with the required FAA knowledge and training in order to test for the FAA Aircraft Dispatch Certificate.