Child Development Center

The Child Development Center provides a learning environment for all young children. We create an atmosphere that promotes growth and development through exploration, play, and discovery. We accept children six weeks through four years of age. The Child Development Center also provides a summer camp program for children who have completed pre-kindergarten through seven years of age.

Waiting list application

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Fees are based on full-time enrollment and are subject to change. A $100 fee is due upon enrollment.

Explorers 6 weeks -12 Months $805.00

Bumblebees 12 Months - 24 Months $750.00

Butterflies 12 Months - 24 Months $720.00

Fireflies 24 Months - 36 Months $665.00

Turtles 36 Months - 60 Months $625.00

Summer Camp 4 Year - 8 Year $585.00

We accept DHS, Creek and Cherokee Subsidy

Days and Hours of Operation

The CDC is open year-round from 7:15 am -5:45 pm Monday through Friday.

Our Mission

Tulsa Community College Child Development Center is a high-quality laboratory facility that supports college student’s hands-on learning through responsive mentoring and reflection. We uphold national standards while providing and advocating for respectful environments where children learn through play, exploration, and discovery.

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Our Philosophy

The TCC Child Development Center Teachers utilize positive, constructive child guidance techniques that promote exploration, the development of independence and self-regulation. The teacher’s exhibit developmentally appropriate educational practices to enhance development through play. Recognizing that children develop uniquely, it is our goal to provide each child with opportunities to:

  • Develop self-esteem
  • Foster social and emotional development
  • Expand language skills
  • Enhance cognitive and problem-solving skills
  • Experience diversity
  • Engage in make-believe play
  • Develop gross and fine motor skills
  • Acquire pre-reading skills
  • Develop pre-writing skills
  • Learn through multi-sensory activities​​​

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For more information or to schedule a tour, please call (918) 595-8244.

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