Important Information Regarding Math Courses

Beginning Fall 2017, TCC changed its course names and course sequences for some math classes.  If you have not completed the math requirements for your degree, it’s important for you to be aware of these changes so you can successfully enroll in the correct course. Course numbers have not changed, only course names. The math course that is right for you depends on your previous math courses, placement, and major.  If you have questions about what class you should take, contact an advisor on your campus. 

Course ID Former Name New Name (beginning Fall)
MATH 0003 Basic Math Math Foundations I
MATH 0013 Beginning Algebra Math Foundations II
MATH 0123 Intermediate Algebra Essentials for Precalculus
MATH 0403   Essentials for Quantitative Reasoning (new for Fall 2017)
MATH 1473 Math for Critical Thinking Quantitative Reasoning
MATH 1513 College Algebra Precalculus I
MATH 1613 Trigonometry Precalculus II
MATH 1715 College Algebra and Trigonometry Precalculus I & II  

Students taking MATH 0123 or MATH 0403 are required to take a linked college level co-requisite class (either MATH 1513 or MATH 1473) during the same semester. Taking both math classes at the same time should help you through college faster, with statistics showing it improves math completion rates.

When you enroll in MATH 0123 or MATH 0403, you must enroll in its linked co-requisite class simultaneously. Information about the linked class will display in the class schedule and will display if you attempt to enroll in one of the linked classes without the other class.

MATH 0123/1513 and MATH 0403/1473 have been developed to help students succeed in math skills that will be better aligned for their majors. Precalculus classes are geared for business or Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) related majors and Quantitative Reasoning classes are geared for non-STEM majors. Your advisor can help you identify which path is appropriate for your degree.