Online and Blended Classes

Online Class

Online class content is delivered through the internet with no scheduled class times. If you are a first-time student to online courses, you may be wondering what your class will be like. Internet classes are similar to campus classes in that you will complete assignments and assessments showing that you have mastered course objectives. The primary difference is that content will be delivered through the Internet instead of through face-to-face lectures.

Online Live

Online “web-conference style” courses meet at a designated time and students are required to be present online, live at that time.

Blended Class

Blended classes are part online, part on-campus and give a little more flexibility than campus only classes but add the benefit of meeting with your instructor in-person also. Scheduled face-to-face portion of class will follow physical space guidelines on campus.

Students Enrolling in Online and/or Blended Classes for the First Time

Students enrolled in online and/or blended classes for the first time are encouraged to take advantage of Launch: Online Classroom Foundations. This introduction to the online class environment is designed to help students better understand and be prepared for the online class experience and to help students successfully achieve their educational goals at TCC.

To access this Launch: Online Classroom Foundations, please log in to your MyTCC account and choose the MyAccount tab. Access is available under Quick Links.

Online/Blended Class Difficulty

Online/Blended class difficulty may depend on how self-motivated you are as a student. Take this self-test to determine if online/blended classes are suitable for you.

Online/Blended Class Experience

Just like on-campus classes, each online class is unique. The type of assignments and assessments you have will depend on your instructor. You might be asked to read a textbook, study PowerPoint presentations, complete written assignments, create projects, participate in online discussions (live chats or discussion boards), or go to a proctored location to take tests. The course syllabus will explain the requirements of the course you are taking.

Find information about a specific online course

You can find out about online/blended classes by looking for the class syllabus. While some instructors make their syllabus (and the class site) available before the first day of class, other instructors wait until the scheduled first day of class before allowing students to "enter the classroom." Search through the prior semester's syllabi online.

Find my Online/Blended Class

Online courses at TCC are available through a course management system called Blackboard. When you enroll in a course, you are automatically enrolled in the Blackboard course section for that class. When the instructor makes the course available, you will see it listed on the Blackboard Welcome page.

Technical Requirements

TCC uses an Online Learning Management System called Blackboard (Bb) to deliver its online courses. The following are the technical requirements for TCC online courses:

  1. Computer - Most Windows or Mac desktop and laptop computers work well for online classes.
    • Chromebooks are supported by Blackboard, though some instructors might use applications in their course, including Respondus LockDown Browser, that will not function on a Chromebook. In these cases, students may need to find alternative computer access for specific assignments that don't work on a Chromebook. Students may use the Tulsa Community College Library computers to complete assignments.
    • Please do not ONLY rely on a tablet, including an iPad, or a smartphone to use Blackboard. Not all features will work on tablets and smartphones. You may need access to a desktop or laptop computer to be able to use everything in your online class.
  2. Internet Access
    • While Blackboard can be accessed with dial-up online service, best results will be obtained when using a reliable broadband Internet service.
  3. Intermediate Skills in...
    • Internet
      • You should be familiar with how the Internet works, including following hyperlinks and searching for information.
    • Word Processing
      • You should be familiar with how to enter text in a word processing document, format text, and save and retrieve documents.
  4. Web Browsers and Java
    • Java
      • Make sure your computer is running the current version of java. It is a free download at
    • Supported web browsers for use with Blackboard include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. If you experience any problems in Blackboard we recommend you login to MyTCC > Blackboard from a different browser before seeking assistance from the Student& Support Center.
    • Use the Blackboard Browser Checker to determine if your browser is ready for class.

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Online Class Schedules

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