Educational Planning

Every journey requires a map. Your college journey is no different. The Educational Planning Worksheet can be a very useful tool to help map out your academic future. You should meet regularly with your Academic Advisor to complete an Educational Planning Worksheet.

To use the Educational Planning Worksheet, fill in planned future classes for each semester according to the requirements for your degree. Take into consideration prerequisite and proficiency requirements when planning future semesters. Planning out each future semester ensures that you take the correct classes in the correct order to complete your degree.

How to fill out an Educational Planning Worksheet:

  • Print off the Educational Planning Worksheet from the link at the bottom of this page
  • Determine which degree you intend to earn
  • Estimate how many hours you plan to enroll in each semester, and if you plan to take classes in the summer semesters
  • Research the order the courses need to be taken by referencing the course descriptions in the catalog and/or by consulting with an advisor
  • Make sure to include any required developmental courses in the plan

Check out the example Educational Planning Worksheet below for a Pre-nursing major. Based on her COMPASS scores, this student is required to take some developmental courses.

Educational Planning Worksheet