1. Accessibility Checklists
  2. Accessibility Law
  3. Accessibility Statement
  4. Accommodations Explained
  5. Accommodations Examples
  6. Booklets and Handouts
  7. Disability Documentation Guidelines
  8. eBooks & eText
  9. Event Flyer Statement or Accessibility Event statement
  10. Making Docs, Email, Webpages, Videos, Electronic Display systems, etc, Accessible
    1. How to make Docs, Email, Webpages, etc, Accessible.
    2. Why do we have to make Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Accessible?
  11. Reasonable Accommodation Statement
  12. Student Wellness Services Resources - Title IX, Domestic violence, Pregnancy Resources, Health Resources, Mental Health Resources, Alcohol & Substance Use & Abuse, Student Health Insurance and Training Opportunities.
  13. Syllabus Addendum
  14. TCC Accessibility Policy