Career Services Staff

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Southeast Campus, Student Success & Career Center - Building 2

Career Development Specialists

Career Development Services: Career Services can help you choose a major, explore career paths, occupations and make informed decisions on a major and career based on your strengths, likes, values, and personality.

David Johnson, MS, LPC
(918) 595-7186 or (539) 302-8481

Chelsey Sykes, BA
(918) 595-7658 or (918) 212-6265

Heather Crain, MS
(918) 595-7862 or (918) 480-5790

Brittany Greer, MS
(918) 595-7927 or (918) 986-7251

Employment & Internship Specialists

Employment Services: Career Services can assist you with all of your job/internship search needs: resume development, improving your interview skills, creating a professional presence on social media, and, through our Professional Clothing Closet, provide professional attire appropriate for job fairs, interviews and the workplace.

Melyssa Hendrickson, BS
(918) 595-7688 or (918) 417-6193

Jon Nelson, BA
(918) 595-7110 or (918) 480-1775


Metro, Northeast & West Campuses

Please call (918) 595-7609 for assistance and options for meeting on other campuses.