Bridge to Success Program


[Applications for the Fall 2021 are now closed. We have accepted 13 applicants for the Fall 2021 Cohort. For other students, we will provide Academic Success Coaching and Leadership Development, along with peer coaching and success strategies.]

The program targets students enrolled in developmental courses, especially the courses at the beginning of the developmental sequence. The bridge course is designed to help students complete all of their developmental course work within the first 24 hours of their college experience.

Students will be placed into a single cohort in which all students are in reading, math, or writing courses, with wrap around services for coaching, peer tutoring/mentoring, along with embedded advising and career counseling.

The Academic Reading, Math Foundations, and Writing Foundations courses establish the cohort members, so the program can serve up to 25 students.


The program focuses on fall semester enrollments and continues through the following spring semester.

Goals and Components

The TCC Fall Bridge to Success Program is a developmental bridge program offered to TCC students enrolled in the beginning developmental coursework when they entering college. The goals of the program are to shorten their developmental course work sequence and to improve students’ critical thinking skills in reading, math, and writing, along with their test-taking skills. Additionally, the goal is to create an incentive for students enrolled in the lowest level of writing to complete their reading and math sequence of courses within the first 24 hours of college attendance – meeting the 24-hour-rule standard for TCC, along with supporting research that the first-year completion of developmental course work is a predictor of completion of college within 4-5 years

The program also focuses on study skills, motivation, time management, and other college-readiness areas identified through the LASSI assessment (which will serve as a pre- and post-test assessment). Students are required to participate in study groups daily for math, reading, and learning process; the sessions are supported by both peer study mentors and a faculty support. The students take a modified intake Hope Survey and the LASSI at the beginning and ending of the program. The students will have an embedded Success Coach, Advisor, and Career Counselor to support course success and selection of degrees and coursework.

During the initial weeks of the program, parents/guardians/families are invited to attend a Family Support Academy, which offers information on topics such as financial aid, FAFSA, Work Study, supporting college students, preparing for transfer, and picking majors and careers.

To address the financial equity gap for fall work, transportation, and life challenges, students enrolled in the initial hours of developmental credit courses, a $100.00 Perk Card will be provided to students at the beginning of the semester (for both the fall and following spring) for miscellaneous food options on campus. Additionally, students will receive a $100.00 gift card at the end of completing the reading and writing sequence, and an additional gift card for completing the math sequence of work - both dependent on if they have any developmental course work within the two categories. For the developmental courses, successful completion of classes includes completion of each class a C or above.

Ongoing Support for Spring Semester and Beyond

After completion of the fall semester, students will remain as a cohort through study groups, Academic Success Coaching, and Academic Advisor connections/communications. Recognitions at the end of every Fall and Spring semester will be embedded within the Fall Bridge to Success Program.