Apply for Graduation

Students seeking a certificate or a degree should prepare for graduation as follows:

  • Final official transcripts from all schools attended must be on file at TCC before an official program plan can be prepared.
  • Students are expected to have an official program plan filed in the Advisement Center prior to declaring for graduation.
  • A final graduation check should be made in the Advisement Center at the time of enrollment for the last semester of attendance.
  • Students admitted to the Honors Scholar program should also complete a graduation check in the Honors Office at the beginning of their final Fall or Spring semester.
  • The Advisement Center will advise and refer the student to declare for graduation in the Admissions/Enrollment Services Office.
  • All declared candidates will be contacted by the Admission/Enrollment Services Office and the College graduation marshal with information about the graduation.
  • Once grades are recorded for final semester of enrollment, a final review will take place and students contacted as to their status.

Degree notes are recorded on the graduate’s TCC transcript, and diplomas and certificates of completion are issued by the Admissions/Enrollment Services Office. Formal graduation will be scheduled at the end of the second semester of each academic year. Students meeting requirements at the end of any semester in that academic year should arrange to participate in the graduation ceremonies unless a written request for graduation in absentia is received and approved by the Dean of Student Services of his/her resident campus.