SH.01 - Tulsa Community College Overview

SH.01.A Introduction

The Student Handbook is produced to provide information to students at Tulsa Community College regarding policies and processes relative to their admission, enrollment, class attendance, and participation in College activities.

An attempt is made to include major student policies and procedures; however, some sections of College policy may not be published in entirety in this document but can be found in designated offices and online locations. Inadvertent omission of regulations from this publication does not waive the student's responsibility for these regulations. These policies and procedures are also subject to change. Additional information and assistance may be obtained through the Office of the Vice President of Student Success and Equity , Deans of Student Success and Campus Operations, or the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards.

SH.01.B Student Rights and Responsibilities

This information is intended to enhance the student's experience at TCC and give assistance in matters related to a student's rights and responsibilities.

SH.01.C Mission

Building success through education

SH.01.D Vision

An educated, employed, and thriving community

SH.01.EBeliefs and Values

  • You belong here.
  • Everyone can learn.
  • Community is our middle name.
  • Quality education is affordable.
  • Excellence is our culture.