Academic Exams (Make-Up, AR and Online/Online Live Courses)

Spring 2021 Remote Testing Options

Faculty may require students to use Respondus Monitor, Lockdown browser, or Honorlock to complete testing for their online courses during the fall of 2020. Information on these options can be found here: Respondus Monitor and Lockdown browser; Honorlock video for students and Honorlock testing guidelines.

Spring 2021 Testing On Campus

Our Testing Centers will be open by appointment only. Tulsa Community College provides students a proctored environment monitored by video/audio surveillance to take TCC academic exams. Students using this service must provide photo identification, such as a valid driver’s license, passport or TCC ID, upon taking an exam. Students are also required to lock up all personal belongings and adhere to the Testing Center Policies & Procedures.

Please communicate with your instructor on your testing options and if you need to reserve space on campus, please make your reservation using the below links:

To obtain an appointment at the Northeast Campus, click here. For April, click here.

To obtain an appointment at the Southeast Campus, click here.

To obtain an appointment at the Metro Campus, click here. For April 26-May 15, click here.

To obtain an appointment at the West Campus, click here.

Please only bring a photo ID, pencil, face covering and car keys into the campus for your test. If your instructor allows any specific items to be used during the test (such as a formula sheet or calculator), you may bring those in as well. We ask that you leave any other items at home or in your car.

Please familiarize yourself with the requirements to visit a TCC campus by clicking here.

Accessibility Resources Testing Accommodations

Students needing academic testing accommodations must request services through our Accessibility Resources at (918) 595-7115. Only accommodations approved by Accessibility Resources are allowed during exams.


There is no fee for on campus TCC academic test proctoring.