Advanced Standing-Challenge Exams

Current or previously enrolled students who feel they are qualified for advanced standing credit by examination in a discipline not offered through the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) may attempt to establish credit through a challenge or advanced standing exam.

These challenge exams are created by TCC faculty and are intended to measure competence comparable to what is required in the course at TCC. A score equivalent to a grade of "C" shall be the minimum to achieve credit.

Credit for the Exam

  • The student must be a current (admitted, eligible to enroll) or former TCC student; however, the student cannot be enrolled in the same course that he/she is testing, unless during the drop/add period.
  • Credit earned through advanced standing exams does not count in the number of hours enrolled during the semester of the exam; nor will it count toward the academic GPA.
  • Credit will be awarded as a grade of "S" if the student passes the exam. No grade is recorded if the student fails the exam.
  • Once the exam is given to the student, whether passed or failed, there is no refund of fees.


$5 per credit hour

Registration and Testing Sites

Available Challenge Exams

Contact any Testing Center for a list of the available challenge exams. If an exam is not available for the course you want, please contact an Academic Advisor for information on requesting credit through the appropriate School.