Faculty Corner

Faculty Corner provides faculty information on Testing Services.

Spring 2021 Faculty Options

1. On-Campus course proctoring services are available for:

  • Workforce courses given first priority (high stakes such as nursing, engineering, EMT, etc).
  • Students approved by AR for academic accommodations
  • Make-up exams
  • Online/Online Live courses
  • Blended/hybrid or flex courses will be accommodated as space is available

How faculty request proctored exams for Spring 2021:

  • Please vary the day of the week you select for test due dates and please do not select a Saturday or Sunday due date if students are required to come to campus.
  • Please submit your test(s) in ProcessMaker ("Submit exam to Testing Center") at the beginning of the semester to allow adequate time to plan.
  • Advise your students to schedule an appointment at the campus of their choice by going to our locations webpage. Appointments are offered in hour increments so they will need to know how many hours to reserve based on the time limit for your test (and please do not assign tests with no time limit as we have to limit appointments to 2 or 3 hours max).

2. Proctoring for tests using Honorlock or Respondus Monitor is available:

If students are struggling with the required technology to use these options to test or their home environment is distracting, they can schedule an appointment to test on campus. More faculty information can be found here for Respondus or here for Honorlock.

  • We can bypass Honorlock to allow a student to test.
  • You can provide us a password for your test instead of requiring Monitor to allow the student to test.

3. Academic Affairs suggests also considering exam proctor alternatives that minimize opportunities for academic misconduct, to include:

  • Multiple versions of tests/quizzes in Blackboard and utilize respondus lockdown or respondus monitor
  • Open Book exam (short answer, essay, prose or research paper)
  • Performance based (one-on-one, video-based oral exams)
  • Portfolio or journal submission
  • Lab reports and/or summative assessments
  • Authentic Assessments

Questions? Other testing needs?

Please contact the Director of Testing Services, Tracy Ballinger, via email at tracy.ballinger1@tulsacc.edu.