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David Adams honored with Goody Award

David Adams Honored with Goody Award

August 7, 2018
Last Friday, David Adams, TCC director of student life at the Metro campus, became the latest recipient of the Goody Award. The Good Job Awards, or “Goodys,” were created by TCC President and CEO Leigh Goodson in 2016 to honor individuals and departments who go beyond job titles and...
TCC Conference Center

Conference Center Sale and Move Update

July 31, 2018
Progress is being made, but as of now, the Conference Center still belongs to TCC and Tulsa Tech. “Currently, we have a Request for Proposal pending for real estate agent services, which should be advertised very soon,” says Sean Weins, TCC vice president for administration and chief...

Redesign of Campus Tutoring Centers Nears Completion

July 31, 2018
For the last two years, members of Academic Affairs have worked diligently in the redesign of the tutoring centers (Writing Centers, Science and Math Labs, and Language Labs) under two of our schools (Liberal Arts and Communication/Science and Mathematics) to ensure quality tutoring and academic...

Fall Enrollment Update

July 24, 2018
Students wait until the last minute to enroll, which makes projecting Fall enrollment challenging. Last year, 17 percent of students enrolled during the final two weeks before the semester began, with 10 percent coming the week before classes started. “We know students who wait until the last...

New Advisors on the Job

July 17, 2018
You might have noticed many new faces around the advising offices on each campus. TCC is training 25 new advisors to help the College arrive at its 300-to-1 student-to-advisor ratio goal, an important milestone for enabling student success. The College was able to fund the new positions in part...

June Board Meeting Brings Change

June 18, 2018
The TCC Board of Regents’ June meeting featured a packed agenda that included the 2018-2019 operating budget, a tuition increase, Board officer changes, and annual committee reports. After opening comments, the meeting kicked off with the approval of new officers. Robin Ballenger was...
Starbucks "On The Go" kiosk

Campus Cafes and Kiosks to Feature Starbucks

June 5, 2018
Soon TCC students and staff will be able to get their favorite Starbucks beverages and food without ever having to leave their campus. Though timelines have yet to be solidified, plans are underway. Northeast and Southeast campuses will get café concepts, not unlike what you’d find in Barnes...
Pete Selden

New VP of Workforce Development Sees Tulsa Potential

May 22, 2018
Pete Selden, TCC’s new vice president of workforce development, has only been on the job for a week, but already has designs on ensuring TCC continues to be a national leader in workforce and economic development. “On the national level when people talk about who’s doing good...