Inclusion Programs

Inclusion is involvement and empowerment, where the inherent worth and dignity of all people are recognized. An inclusive college promotes and sustains a sense of belonging; it values and practices respect for the talents, beliefs, backgrounds, and ways of living of its members.

We value inclusion, meaning, proactive behaviors that make each person feel welcome and empowered—people of all religions and people with no religion; people of all colors and histories and people who are a mixture of many; conservatives, moderates, liberals; people of all genders and sexual orientations; people with physical, mental, and emotional challenges who choose to study at our campuses and online; and people who learn in traditional ways and people who don’t. An inclusive Tulsa Community College is a community where all those people and others believe that the College belongs to them as much as it belongs to others.

Retention Specialists offer support and  educational opportunities at Tulsa Community College designed to increase the academic success, retention, graduation and transfer of students who traditionally may have more barriers and challenges to overcome in order to realize their goals. In addition, these students are traditionally first generation students, low income, under prepared, underperforming and/or students of color. Services provided are walk-in tutoring, life skill/study strategy workshops, and cultural activities, campus visits, academic coaching, informal interactions with faculty/staff and academic monitoring.

Program Benefits

Assistance with barriers that may hinder success

Assistance completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Assistance setting your educational goals.

Campus visits to potential transfer institutions  

Use of the Diversity & Inclusion Study area

Monthly ­ forums

Specific Study Skills Sessions

Meetings with Academic Coaches

Mentorship Opportunities

Leadership Opportunities

Annual Diversity & Inclusion Celebration

Benefits of Academic Coaching

  • Learn the informal and formal regulations and procedures for doing things at TCC
  • Gaining information quickly and easily directly from an experienced source
  • Learn what it takes to succeed and how to push self beyond your expectations
  • Acquire the skills to get through the organization and achieve a sense of control
  • Ability to develop and maintain relationships
  • Attain a strong sense of identity and self confidence
  • Persist in a task and feel ownership about your work
  • Development of leadership skills and increase positive self-perception
  • Ability to feel more comfortable working independently because of guidance

Study Skills Seminars

Time Management

Note Taking Strategies

Learning Styles

Reading and Remembering Strategies

Test Preparation and Strategies for Taking Tests

Asking Questions and Communication with Faculty

Math Anxiety



Tulsa Chapter of the National Society of Leadership and Success

The Society is the nation's largest leadership honor society.  Students are selected by their college for membership based on either academic standing or leadership potential.  Candidacy is a nationally recognized achievement of honorable distinction.  With 552 chapters, the Society currently has 680,089 members nationwide. 

In addition to honorable distinction, the Society provides a step-by-step program for members to build their leadership skills through participation at their campus or online.  Upon completion of the program, members receive their leadership certificate and take their place among the top student leaders at their campus and across the country.  Members are able to list their affiliation on all statements of personal accomplishment, including their resume.  

Membership is for life and provides access to benefits including scholarships and awards, exclusive on-campus events, employer recruitment through an online job bank, and discounts on computers, textbooks, grad school prep courses, insurance and much more.

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