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There are many definitions for Global Education "out there"... 

  • Global Education involves learning about those problems and issues that cut across national boundaries, and about the interconnectedness of systems -ecological, cultural, economic, political and technological. It also involves perspective taking -seeing things through the eyes and minds of others0 and it means the realization that while individuals and groups may view life differently, they also have common needs and wants.
  • The value and utility of Global Education derives from the sense that international events require all societies and their citizens to become knowledgeable about the world beyond their national borders.

... And there are many "Global Education" quotes available...

  • "Preparing today's students for success and eventual leadership in the global economy is the single most important task facing U.S. education. If young Americans are to take on challenging global leadership roles in the future, they must possess a deep understanding and appreciation for other cultures, geography, history, and languages."  -Stephanie Bell-Rose, President of the Goldman Sachs Foundation
  • "The answer to most of the world's major problems, from environmental concerns to communicable disease, lie squarely in the hands of an educated citizenry -people across professional, socioeconomic, ethnic, and religious lines with greater knowledge and understanding of world regions, languages, and problems. Increasingly it is these global issues, along with their local and, often, personal repercussions that demonstrate most clearly the need for international education in every American school and that help to make international content seem relevant to young people." -The Asia Society, on
  • "Global educators share certain characteristic instructional strategies: they confront stereotypes and exotica and resist simplification of other cultures and global issues; foster the habit of examining multiple perspectives; teach about power, discrimination, and injustive; and provide cross-cultural experiential learning." -Merry M. Merryfield, The Difference a Global Educator Can Make

... But to us in the Office of Global Education at Tulsa Community College... 

We provide learning opportunities for students, faculty and staff to deepen their understanding of global issues and to foster cross-cultural perspectives. In addition, the office supports innovative faculty projects, study abroad programs, and outreach activities. We believe that international exchanges nurture global perspectives and play a key role in developing our local community. We invite you to explore the information on our web page. For more information please email