New Student Orientation

Please register to attend one orientation session below:

Orientation will be held on a variety of dates on each of TCC's 4 campuses.  The basic orientation session is scheduled to run for 90 minutes.  Space is limited in the orientation sessions, so please use one of the links below to reserve your space.  Welcome to Tulsa Community College.
Feel free to sign up for an orientation session on any campus.  The content of each orientation is the same on each campus.  The only difference between sessions is the campus tour. 

Monday, February 15 @ noon  -  Northeast Campus

Tuesday, February 16 @ 10:00am  -  Metro Campus

Thursday, February 25 @ 6:00pm  -  West Campus

Tuesday, March 8 @ 4:00pm  -  Northeast Campus

Wednesday, March 9 @ 1:00pm  -  Southeast Campus

Wednesday, March 23 @ 4:00pm  -  Metro Campus

Friday, March 25 @ 10:00am  -  West Campus

Monday, April 4 @ 6:00pm  -  Southeast Campus

Tuesday, April 5 @ 4:00pm  -  Northeast Campus

Monday, April 11 @ 1:00pm  -  Metro Campus

Tuesday, April 12 @ noon  -  West Campus

Wednesday, May 11 @ 10:00am  -  Metro Campus

Thursday, May 12 @ 10:00am  -  Southeast Campus

Wednesday, May 25 @ 10:00am  -  West Campus

Thursday, May 26 @ 3:00pm  -  Northeast Campus


Summer orientation sesssions coming soon....please check back.


Starting strong at TCC means finishing strong with a degree in hand. Listen as TCC graduates share their stories on the Big Day.


New Student FAQ

Orientation PowerPoint