Thomas K. McKeon Center for Creativity

Center for Creativity

Welcome to the Thomas K. McKeon Center for Creativity at Tulsa Community College, where our mission connecting our diverse community through innovative programming that inspires academic, cultural and social curiosity.  

The Center for Creativity anchors downtown Tulsa’s southern corridor, filling the Boston Avenue urban canyon with creative energy, and providing integrated outdoor spaces for students and the community.

In the spirit of collaboration, faculty and students from three different academic divisions work and learn at the Center.

A variety of programs are offered in:

The Center is also home to TCC’s distance learning administration.

But the Center isn’t just for TCC students and faculty. The public can enjoy free workshops, events, and art exhibitions.  Think you can’t draw, dance, act, or design? Come take one of our free “I Can’t” workshops, and awaken a dormant section of your brain. Go on a photo shoot, listen to live music, hear a TED-inspired talk, or see an art exhibition by a renowned artist. Come explore at the Center for Creativity!

Upcoming opportunities:

Apply for a scholarship to attend the 2015 Creativity World Forum in Oklahoma City on Tuesday, March 31. This year's theme is "All Our Futures: Ideas that Matter," and the keynote speaker is Sir Ken Robinson, best known for his work with TED Talks.

Apply now.